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mercredi, février 23, 2011

238 - Des dictateurs arabes tombent. A qui le tour ?

Les arabes crient, rient, parlent, dansent, dansent, dansent, mais dansent !
Les dictateurs tombent les uns après les autres.
Après le Tunisien, l'Egyptien, le Libyen (très probablement, du moins nous l'espérons) à qui le tour ?

Merci à Nachida B.A. In Facebook et Mollisat in Youtube:

Mollisat: "Hilde Lund is a Norwegian belly dancer, specializing in Egyptian and North African dances. She founded and runs the first studio for Oriental dance in Norway, Navlen Dansestudio. She hosts a number of different shows: Åpen Scene, Layali Raqs and Leilat Hilde.

Music by Core & Scalp, featuring Cheikha Rimitti: "Rimitti ridim".

Choreography by Hilde

Important notice:
This is NOT an authentic Algerian choreography. The music is Rai from Waharan, in the Western part of Algeria. In addition to rai moves, there are also moves from Kabylia (Berber/Zwawi), and chaoui moves from the Eastern parts of the contry. In addition, there are a few Egpytian moves, and some inspiration from Morocco and Libya.

Hilde is not fond of fusion in general, she believes in keeping the traditions. This choreography is an exception from the rest of her work. The reason she chose to make this fusion of styles, is the music itself. It is a fusion of traditional rai, and modern sounds.

The costume is NOT an authentic Algerian outfit, it was created in Algeria by Hilde and the seamstress, loosely based on traditional Algerian dress.

This video clip is taken from the DVD "HIlde Lund, volume 2", which can be bought at It contains 13 dances, including orientals, saidi and fellahi dances. The price is 350 NKR + shipping"

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